What are Blockchain Masternodes:

We believe that the blockchain industry is in its infancy and provides substantial growth opportunities.


We believe that the blockchain industry is in its infancy and provides substantial growth opportunities. According to Computerworld, a leading industry publication, they feel that distributed ledger technology (or blockchain) is the most disruptive technology in decades.It has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record keeping in turn saving money and disrupting information technology not seen since the arrival of the Internet.

Various applications for blockchain include payment of good and services using cryptocurrency, supply chain management, enhanced security, accounting and the validating of auditable transactions, healthcare records verification, human resources during the hiring and ongoing employee maintenance process, sales and marketing, and a host of other applications. Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions was expected to reach $2.1 billion in 2018 according to estimates from IDC. They expect blockchain spending to grow by an estimated 80% per year reaching $9.7 billion in the year 2021.

What is a Master Node?

A Master Node is a computer (or node) attached to a network that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. A Master Node is different than a regular node in that they have increased intelligence and perform several other functions apart from just keeping the full blockchain. Some of these functions include:
It is a requirement that the owner of a Master Node purchase a minimum amount of the cryptocurrency that it will be verifying prior to the node becoming operational. This minimum coin amount requirement is by design and is predetermined by the management team associated with the coin. By requiring Master Node operators to also own the underlying currency this helps to ensure that they will operate their node properly due to them having “skin in the game” as an owner.

Why Master Nodes


As there are many coin projects out there today it is imperative that we choose the right ones based on their overall risk profile. Many projects have little to no technical data to back up their business plan and the coins have failed. Also limited information on the team attached to the specific project would raise significant concern for us as well. Our internal due diligence approach to undertaking a new coin project for our Master Nodes will include, but not be limited to, asking the following questions:

Bitcoin News

Chinese state television has sought to document the toll taken on South Korean cryptocurrency companies by 2018’s bear market, with Financial Channel (CCTV-2) producing a report detailing the challenges faced by Korean miners. According to the report, last year’s bear trend was further exacerbated by a 97.5 percent drop in Korean cryptocurrency premiums, driving between. Exactly 10 years ago today Satoshi Nakamoto set in motion his plan to create a new form of money that is independent of any government or bank. The evolution of bitcoin and blockchain over the last decade has been so remarkable that I’m sure even Satoshi himself could not have imagined the impact.The cryptocurrency-friendly company Overstock.com announced on Thursday that company will be paying part of its business taxes to the state of Ohio using bitcoin. Overstock will use the state’s Ohiocrypto.com website to pay for the corporation’s commercial activities tax this year. Also read: 10 Years Ago Bitcoin’s Genesis Block Changed the Course of History Overstock Pays.

Bitcoin News

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