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We believe that the blockchain industry is in its infancy and provides substantial growth opportunities.


Costa Mesa, California (December 20, 2018) – Summit Blockchain, Inc., (“Summit”) with offices in Costa Mesa and Los Angeles, California, is proud to announce the hiring of Noel DeWinter as its Senior Financial Advisor. Mr. DeWinter has over 40 years of both private and public accounting and finance experience within a number of different industries. Several of these industries include software, hardware, semiconductors, healthcare, and business/environmental services. Mr. DeWinter has worked with many early to mid-stage companies and has been instrumental in helping grow their businesses exponentially. He has served as CFO of FileLife, a private developer of file protection and control system products. He was also the CFO of Apollo Medical Holdings from 2008 until 2010. Apollo Medical (NASDAQ: AMEH) is a public healthcare company providing inpatient hospitalist services to various Southern California hospitals. Additional experience includes the CFO of Capital Pacific Homes and the same position at Wahlco Environmental Systems. Wahlco was an NYSE-listed public company during his tenure as CFO. Mr. DeWinter received his MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. “We are pleased to have someone with the extensive experience and knowledge as Noel to assist our company in its initial growth stage and beyond. He is a high caliber individual and him previously serving as the CFO of an NYSE public company should be extremely valuable to us going forward”, stated Tim M. Betts, the President of Summit Blockchain, Inc.


Costa Mesa, California (March 29, 2019) – Summit Blockchain, Inc., (“Summit”) with offices in Costa Mesa and Los Angeles, California, is proud to announce that it has reached a significant milestone in its business growth. Summit now owns and operates 120 blockchain Master Nodes which deliver passive income on a daily basis. “Our company was formed in July 2018 and since November of last year we have been aggressively building out our institutional node platform,” stated Tim M. Betts, the CEO of Summit. “Our initial success has been made possible through the support of our investor group along with our technology partner Blockchain Assets Group (“BAG”). BAG has a unique streamlined process to building out error-free Master Nodes in a very timely manner which allows us to rapidly scale our operations,” according to Mr. Betts. The goal of Summit is to become the leading US-based owner/operator of blockchain Master Nodes. Management feels that now is a great time to take advantage of opportunities in the crypto currency market at attractive entry-point price levels. Digital currencies that have reached significant market adoption along with above average market capitalization are several important Summit investment criteria. The company is continually researching unique investment opportunities that can complement its current node portfolio.

About Summit Blockchain, Inc.

Summit Blockchain, Inc. (“Summit” or the “Company”) is a California-based company focused exclusively on institutional ownership and operation of blockchain Master Nodes. Master Nodes are computers that keep a full copy of the blockchain in real time. By owning and operating Master Nodes, Summit earns passive income by expanding and stabilizing the blockchain network along with transaction verification. For more information on Summit Blockchain, Inc. visit us on Twitter at @SummitBchain or our website at

About Blockchain Assets Group

Blockchain Assets Group (“BAG”) is comprised of uniquely qualified blockchain experts with a US-based management team along with support staff in India, Estonia, London, and Singapore. The company started out in 2012 mining bitcoin on rudimentary computers and has since evolved into other areas of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They have been successful in a number of cryptocurrency projects including code development, marketing, and initial coin offering launches. Their projects have previously reached a combined market cap of over $500 million.

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